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Rehydrate your hair with this nourishing Baobab butter


Materials List



  •  A Blue Glass Jar 60 ml - White Lid
  •  A Teaspoon
  •  A Tablespoon
  •  A bowl




  •  5 tbsp of Shea Butter
  •  1 tsp of Baobab beauty oil
  •  1 tsp Vegetable Glycerin
  •  5 drops of Roman Chamomille essential oil (optional, but strongly recommended for optimal results)
  •  10 drops of Lavender - Fine essential oil
  •  10 drops of vitamin E




  •  Melt the shea butter in bain-marie with 10 drops of vitamin E.
  •  Homogenize well.
  •  Pour 5 tbsp of the mixture in the bowl.
  •  Once the butter is lukewarm and away from the heat, add the Baobab beauty oil, the essential oils and the Vegetable Glycerin.
  •  Mix well.
  •  Pour in the jar.
  •  Let cool down in the freezer (for about 30 minutes) until it solidifies.
  •  Scoop a hazelnut-size portion of the product into your hand, warm it up between your hands and massage into hair.
  •  Leave in for 15 minutes minimum.
  •  Wash hair.


Precautions & recommendations


  •  Apply day or night, when need be
  •  Store in a cool place and away from light
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