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Aromatherapy 101

Aromatic plants have been used for various purposes for thousands of years worldwide. Their use has changed through the centuries, from initially being used in concoctions or infusions, to then being steeped in vegetable oil to make perfumes or burned for their aromatic properties.

As time went on, people wanted to extract the aromatic parts of the plants, so they began to distill them to create what we have come to know as essential oils. These days, studies on essential oils conducted as a result of the growing interest in the innate properties of aromatic plants have lent scientific credence to the benefits of aromatherapy.

What is Aromatherapy?

The correct dosage for the right usage

Extraction Methods

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The finest Aromas

Our essential oils are a result of a beautifully orchestrated blend of carefully sourced ingredients and skilled craftsmanship. Each drop holds not only top-notch quality but also a harmonious melody of care and authenticity.

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