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The Holidays are made to spoil our loved ones and ourselves as well. With our super easy bath bomb DIY recipe, you’ll have enough to bring as a gift for your Christmas dinner hostess as well as keep some for you. This way you won’t feel like the Grinch when you’ll step into a nice and hot floral scented bath.


Materials List


  •  2 bowls
  •  1 tsp
  •  Bath bomb molds
  •  Plastic gloves
  •  A knife to help unmold the bath bombs





  •  ¾ cup of cornstarch
  •  ½ cup of citric acid
  •  1 cup of baking soda
  •  ½ cup of sea salt or Epsom salt


OPTION #1- True Lavender / Cedarwood / Jojoba / Lavender flower 


  •  30 ml (1 bottle) of Jojoba beauty oil
  •  4 tsp of True Lavender floral water
  •  70 drops of True Lavender essential oil
  •  40 drops of Cedarwood Atlas essential oil
  •  Dried Lavender (optional)


OPTION #2- Roman Chamomile / True Lavender / Carrot / Chamomile flower


  •  30 ml (1 bottle) of Carrot beauty oil
  •  4 tsp of Orange Blossom (Néroli) floral water
  •  67 drops of True Lavender essential oil
  •  30 drops of Chamomile essential oil
  •  Dried Chamomile (optional) 

OPTION #3- Rose / Ylang Ylang / Rosehip / Rose flower


  •  30 ml (1 bottle) of Rosehip beauty oil
  •  4 tsp of Damask Rose floral water
  •  5 ml (1 bottle) of Rose (Otto) Extra 5% essential oil
  •  35 drops of d’Ylang Ylang Totum (complete) essential oil
  •  Dried Rose petals (flaked, optional)


OPTION #4- Peppermint / Rosemary Verbenone / Almond / Horsetail flower


  •  30 ml (1 bottle) of Sweet Almond beauty oil
  •  4 tsp of Labrador Tea floral water
  •  70 drops of Peppermint essential oil
  •  30 drops of Rosemary Verbenone CT essential oil
  •  Dried horsetail leaves (optional)




  •  Mix all the dry ingredients (baking soda, cornstarch, salt, citric acid) in a bowl.
  •  In a seperate bowl, mix all the liquid ingredients (floral water, beauty oil and essential oils).
  •  Gradually add the liquid mix into the dry mix.
  •  Manually blend all the ingredients together (wear plastic gloves for safety and hygiene purposes).
  •  Add the dried flowers if you have them (optional).
  •  Add additional floral water 4-5 sprays at a time until you obtain the desired consystency. The mixture should stick together without crumbling when firmly pressed into a closed fist.
  •  Fill the molds by pressing hard, a critical step in order to allow the powder to compress as it should.
  •  Leave in the molds for 24-48 hours in a dry room, until the mixture is hard enough to unmold without crumbling.
  •  Unmold (use a knife if needed).


Precautions & recommendations


  •  Keep in a tighly closed container, away from humidity.
  •  Add a bath bomb into your bath, right before or after stepping in the bathtub.
  •  Tip: should there be leftovers of the mixture, you can use the balance as a toilet cleaning scrub!
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