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Fall season is upon us and as the temperature drops, we keep our windows shut and all the daily little smells (doggy, sports bag, shoes, etc.) linger in the house. Here’s a pratical fabric freshening spray you’ll want to keep handy until next Summer.


Materials List


  • A Blue Glass Bottle 30 ml + White Sprayer 18 NTE
  • A tablespoon
  •  A teaspoon





  •  15 drops of Lavender Hybrid Super essential oil
  •  6 drops of Cinnamon Leaf essential oil
  •  6 drops of Eucalyptus Blue Gum essential oil
  •  3 drops of Tea Tree essential oil
  •  1 tbsp + 2 tsp (25 ml) of rubbing alcohol (from a pharmacy).




  •  Pour all the essential oils into the blue glass bottle.
  •  Add the alcohol, then close the bottle with its spray.
  •  Shake well.
  •  Spray the mixture onto the fabric (sofa pillows, sports bag, shoes, etc.).
  •  Repeat when required.


Precautions & recommendations


  •  Always shake well before each use.
  •  Store in a cool space and away from light.
  •  It is recommended to test the mixture on a piece of fabric before spraying all over the desired surface.
  •  Preparation time: less than 5 minutes.
  •  Gives about 26 ml.
  •  Cinnamon Leaf can be replaced by Clove Bud.
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