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Giving your dog a bath with natural ingredients is always reassuring. Your dog will obtain a soft healthy looking coat while spreading a delightful scent all around the house and it’ll make you say ‘Dog Hair Don’t Care’!


Materials List


  • A Blue Glass Bottle 5 ml + Black Cap 18 TE/Dropper
  •  A 250 ml container (that can be closed)
  •  A measuring cup




  •  10 drops of Clove Bud or Cinnamon Leaf essential oil
  •  60 drops of Hybrid Lavender Super essential oil
  •  30 drops of Exotic Verbena essential oil
  •  1 cup of neutral shampoo for dogs (odorless, like the one by Attitude, for example)




  •  Pour all the essential oils into the 5 ml bottle.
  •  Close the bottle with the black cap and skake well.
  •  Add 20 drops into 1 cup of neutral dog shampoo; mix with a tea spoon.
  •  Pour the shampoo mixture into a 250 ml container.
  •  Lather and massage into the dog’s fur once all wet.
  •  Rince well.


Precautions & recommendations


  •  Avoid the dog’s eyes.
  •  Keep the shampoo mixture refrigerated.
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