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Formulated with a base of Jojoba oil (especially effective to regulate skin sebum), and with soothing and eye concealer Wild Cornflower floral water, along with soothing Rose essential oil, and ultra-hydrating vegetable glycerin, this makeup remover will leave your skin soft and clean.


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Materials List


  • A Blue Glass Bottle 100 ml + White Sprayer 18 NTE
  • Two bowls
  • A measuring cup
  • A teaspoon




Step A (aqueous step):

  •  1 teaspoon of Vegetable Glycerin (5 ml)
  •  ¼ cup of Wild Cornflower floral water (50 ml)


Step B (oily step):

  •  ¼ cup of Jojoba beauty oil (50 ml)
  •  2 drops of Rose (Otto) Extra 5% essential oil (0.1 ml)




  •  In separate bowls, measure and pre-mix each step. Mix well.
  •  Add step A (aqueous step), then, add step B (oily step ) in the empty PET cylinder bottle.
  •  Shake well before each use.
  •  Use as makeup remover. Vaporize directly on face or apply with a makeup pad remover soaked in the solution and use on face and eyes. After use, rinse eyes and face with cool water.


Precautions & recommendations


Keep in a cool place away from light. For sensitive or allergic skin, the mixture can be prepared without essential oils.

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