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Breathe-Easy Balm

An easy recipe for relieving respiratory discomfort due to colds and flu. Simple to make and 100% natural. A must-have for the winter season!

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Relieve arthritic and rhumatisms pain

Muscle and joint pain caused by arthritis and rheumatism can be relieved with essential oils. Wintergreen and balsam fir are well-known for their strong anti-inflammatory and painkilling capabilities.

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Relieve cold and coughs with essential oils

Relieve your cold symptoms and soothe your cough with this essential oil recipe.

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Reduces your stress and anxiety

Release nervous tension with this relaxing blend of essential oils of Lavender Fine, Ylang Ylang and Petit-grain – Bitter Orange

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Soothe your insomnia and nervous fatigue

Stop insomnia with essential oils. This blend of Lavender Hybrid Super, Basil – Exotic and Rosemary  Cineole Type essential oils has been specially designed to relieve nervous fatigue and promote sleep.

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Try this essential oil anti-cellulite recipe! We have a simple and efficient recipe to fight the appearance of cellulite and dimples:

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