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Cinnamon scented candle for Christmas

Perfect D.I.Y. gift for Christmas stockings!

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Balmy Holiday Special Room Spray

What better way to enjoy a full house during the Holiday season when it smells like Christmas? Try our new room spray – our traditional Holiday Magic scent with a balmy twist.

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Orange Blossom & Camomille Pillow Mist

Use this 100% natural mist to delicately perfume your pillows. Enjoy the calming benefits of chamomile – noble essential oil and orange blossom floral water. Delicate enough for children.

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Lavender & Bergamot Pillow Mist

Delicately perfume your pillows and enjoy the calming benefits of essential oils for a good night’s sleep.

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Holiday Magic Formula

The holiday magic would be meaningless without aromas that create a festive atmosphere.

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Fabric Freshening Spray

Fall season is upon us and as the temperature drops, we keep our windows shut and all the daily little smells (doggy, sports bag, shoes, etc.) linger in the house. Here’s a pratical fabric freshening…

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