This pocket pharmacy will be your ally for soothing everyday sores. Scratches, cuts and bruises will no longer be a bad memory. You won’t be able to do without it! 



Materials List


One 60 ml bottle and a dropper cap




3 tsp (15 ml) Arnica skin care oil
2 tsp (10 ml) Tamanu beauty oil
5 tsp (25 ml) Calendula skin care oil
15 drops Lavender Spike essential oil
4 drops Italian Helichrysum essential oil 




- Pour the b eauty oils in a 60 ml glass bottle.
- Add essential oils.
- Close with a dropper cap and shake well before use. 


Makes about 51 ml. 



Precautions et recommandations


Keep out of the reach of children. By respecting good hygienic conditions during the preparation and stored away from light and heat, these products keep at least 6 months (and more then 12 months, if kept in the refrigerator).



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