Start your Summer with a splash with these absolutely delicious alcoholic beverages with Divine Essence essential oils. These cocktails are guaranteed to satisfy and refresh everyone during those hot days!


Materials List


- Cocktail glasses
- 1 « shooter » or measuring cup
- 1 tsp
- Ice cubes
- A mixer
- A cutting board
- Festive accessories to personalize your guests’ drinks (optional)




Cinnamon Cassia essential oil
Ginger essential oil
Lemon essential oil
Star Anise essential oil
- Alcohol (Vodka, Gin, Rhum)
- Other (see Preparation section)




RED SANGRIA (2 liters or 8 portions)
- 1 red wine bottle (750 ml)
- 1/3 cup of brown Rhum
- 1/3 cup of real lemon juice
- 2 cups of organic orange juice
- 2-4 drops of Cinnamon Cassia essential oil
- 2-4 drops of Ginger essential oil
- Fruits (citrus, cherries, to taste)
- Ice cubes

 MOJITO (6 portions)
- 20-30 spearmint leaves
- 1 liter of Club Soda or sparkling water
- ¾ cup of brown Rhum
- 2-4 drops of Lemon essential oil
- Ice cubes

 CUBA LIBRE (RHUM & COKE) (glass of 250 mL)
- 1/3 cup (80 ml) of brown Rhum
- 2/3 cup  (170 ml) of Coca Cola or Pepsi
- 1 drop of Lemon essential oil
- Ice cubes


 GRANITA  (1 Liter or 4 glases)
- 1 cup of Vodka or de Gin
- 3 drops of Star Anise essential oil
- 1 can of frozen orange juice
- 2 cups of crushed ice
- 2 tsps of maple syrup


Precautions & recommendations


Consume in moderation and enjoy!


It is important to know that some essential oils are not suitable for culinary use and should be avoided completely as they are neurotoxic if ingested orally. To see the list of essential oils safe for culinary use, consult the FEMA (Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association) list in our "Documentation" section.


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