Are your hands dry because of repetitive washing and hydroalcoholic disinfectants? This elixir based on 4 beauty oils will allow you to find your baby's skin, without leaving a greasy film. 


Materials List


- 100ml glass bottle and sprayer cap 




5 tsp Calendula (macerât) skin care oil
5 tsp Sweet Almond beauty oil 
1 tsp Neem beauty oil
5 tsp Rosehip beauty oil 
20 drops Lavender Spike essential oil
10 drops Atlas Cedar essential oil
3 tbsp Emulsium  




- Pour the beauty oils in a 100ml glass bottle
- Add essential oils
- Add Emulsium
- Close with a sprayer cap and shake well before use. 


Precautions et recommandations


By respecting good hygienic conditions during the preparation and placed away from light and heat, these products will keep at least 6 months (up to 12 months, if kept in the refrigerator).



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