A must have for summer, good-looking skin with an anti-aging protective effect! 


Materials List


A Blue Glass Bottle 100 ml + White Sprayer 18 NTE
- A teaspoon



 4 tsp Rosehip beauty oil (20 ml)
 4 tsp Carrot beauty oil (20 ml)
 4 tsp Argan beauty oil (20 ml)
 4 tsp Apricot Kernel beauty oil 
 4 tsp Sacha Inchi beauty oil (20 ml) 






- Pour all ingredients into a 100 ml glass bottle.
- Close with a sprayer cap.
- Shake well before use.
- Mist over body. 


* Add 20 drops of our Emulsium products if you prefer a dry oil. (use a 120 ml bottle). 


Precautions & recommendations


Storage: By respecting good hygienic measures during the preparation and placed away from light and heat, these products will keep at least 6 months (up to 12 months if kept in the refrigerator).



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