Back to school, for kids and adults

Aug 12 2021

Hey, already mid-August! Our beautiful summer is slowly fading away... to make way for the start of the school year. After this rather particular year, we can be happy about it! Even so, this period can bring its share of stress and discomfort for young and old alike. We therefore would like to share tips with you for starting the new school year smoothly, through natural care recipes and tips to give your neurons a boost!



DIY beauty oil for winter!

Jan 23 2020

I don’t know if you’re like me, but personally, the onset of winter is pretty hard on my poor skin! I can feel it pulling in all directions and that’s why I did some research and testing to create THE ultimate serum for skin that, like mine, doesn’t like the cold and the heat too much!



Sacha Inchi oil & its many properties

Oct 03 2019

During my monthly collab with Divine Essence, I felt like talking to you about one of my favourite beauty oils! I normally mix a few drops of two or three different beauty oils at once in order to provide my skin with all its needs, seeing that each beauty oil has its own properties. It’s a bit like when we buy serums or a pre-mixed oil bottle. It’s always good to vary the oils and work on our multiple skin needs at the same time as we insure to cover everything in one step!



My Natural Pharmacy!

Aug 11 2019

Have you ever thought of switching your regular medicines to essential oils as part of your first aid kit? We hear about it every day that certain over-the-counter drugs and their side effects, even a simple Tylenol, can cause dangerous side effects on our liver. Let’s not forget muscle relaxants, pain relievers and so on.



Beauty Oils – Anti-aging, antioxidant, healing…Which Should You Choose?

May 11 2018

The secret to giving your skin a healthy glow is all about hydrating it and nourishing it with fatty acids and vitamins. Creams deliver these nutrients all in one, but often with chemical additives.

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The Right Floral Water For Your Skin

May 10 2018

With their fresh, delicate scent, floral waters make excellent skin toners. Mist them over your face and body to get the most out of their amazing benefits.



How to choose your diffuser?

Mar 29 2018

Je ne sais pas si vous êtes comme moi mais perso, l’arrivée de l’hiver est assez dure sur ma pauvre peau! Je la sens tirer de tous les côtés et c’est pourquoi j’ai fait quelques recherches et essais afin de créer LE sérum par excellence pour les peaux qui, comme la mienne, n’aiment pas trop le froid et le chauffage!



New ready-to-use organic essential oil remedies

Feb 08 2018

Presenting our brand new range of ready-to-use therapeutic products !



Caring for your skin naturally during winter

Jan 26 2018

Winter and cold weather are often synonymous with dryness and skin irritation. To get through this cold season and its impact on your skin, here are some helpful tips to keep your skin beautiful and healthy.



Treat your digestive problems with essential oils known for their therapeutic properties.

Jan 12 2018

Digestion trouble? Essential oils can help! When applied topically or ingested orally, essential oils can help treat poor digestion, nausea, bloating, and other digestive discomforts.



Boost your immune system with essential oils

Dec 07 2017

As the days become colder, boosting your immune system is a helpful way to prevent colds, flus, and other winter ailments.



Relaxation, the virtues of foot baths

Nov 17 2017

An undisputable well-being accomplice to relief fatigue accumulated during the day; foot bathing is the solution to your many problems: tired legs, static posture, bad blood circulation, long walks, trampling, etc.



Essential oils for better sleep

Nov 03 2017

Seasonal changes, lack of sunlight, and stress are all factors that can affect the length and quality of your sleep. Use essential oils to restore harmony and calm, and to facilitate restful sleep.



Are you familiar with Frankincense and it’s extraordinary benefits?

Oct 20 2017

Incense or frankincense is the aromatic resins of shrubs or trees (over 20 species) belonging to the Boswellia genus. These resins or gums are extracted by cutting the trunks, and the essential oil is obtained by steam distilling these gums. In the days of Antiquity, incense was considered as valuable as gold. It has been used in sacred rituals and ceremonies for thousands of years for its spiritual properties and benefits.



Ravintsara essential oil is used in aromatherapy to temporarily relieve coughs due to colds.

Oct 13 2017

Ravintsara essential oil is used in aromatherapy to temporarily relieve coughs due to colds.



Top 5 Essential Oils To Have At Work!

Oct 06 2017

The essentials to have at work, to relieve the small aches and pains of everyday life.



6 Essential Oil Synergies for your well-being

Sep 21 2017

Specially designed for diffusion, our essential oil synergies are beneficial for the body, as well as for the mind!



Do you know the amazing Tea Tree essential oil?

Sep 15 2017

The Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), also known as narrow-leaved paperbark or snow-in-summer, is a species of tree from Australia. Interestingly, the Tea Tree is green all year round. The essential oil is extracted through steam distillation of the tree’s very fragrant leaves.



Nervous system essential oils perfect for you!

Sep 08 2017

Alleviate stress, headaches, and other nervous conditions with the help of essential oils known for their therapeutic properties.



Choose the essential oils perfect for your skin type

Aug 30 2017

Do you have sensitive, oily, or mature skin? Discover which essential oils you should introduce into your skin care routine.



Essential oils made in Quebec!

Aug 11 2017

Discover the many treasures hidden in our forests. Quebec’s emblematic trees and shrubs are the source of many high-quality essential oils known for their therapeutic properties. Their woodsy fragrances evoke nature walks, open spaces, and moments of peace and tranquility. Distilled by local producers, these essential oils are a rich natural resource. We’re proud to share them with you.

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Relieve heavy leg syndrome, varicose veins, and other circulatory problems with essential oils

Aug 04 2017

Relieve heavy leg syndrome, varicose veins, and other circulatory problems with essential oils known for their therapeutic properties.



Discover the anti-aging and anti-oxydant effects of Labrador Tea floral water!

Jul 26 2017

Discover the anti-aging and detoxifying properties of Labrador Tea floral water, a true hidden gem. Rich in anti-oxydants and known for its anti-aging effect. Spray on your face morning and night to gently tone your skin. Apply before makeup or after cleansing to complement your daily skincare routine.



The incredible Neem beauty oil

Jul 07 2017

It is a very nourishing oil for skin-related issues, rich in fatty acids, such as palmitic, linoleic and oleic acids, which contribute to healthy skin.



Try Precious Carrot Beauty Oil for a Healthy Glow

Jun 30 2017

Rich in beta-carotenes and vitamin A, macerated Carrot oil gives your skin a healthy glow and promotes natural radiance. Perfect for tired and dull complexions, it softens and smoothes the skin.



A Few Travel Necessities: Essential and Beauty Oils

Jun 16 2017

Slip these natural and effective oils into your suitcase for a relaxing holiday.



Essential oils to celebrate spring

Jun 09 2017

Tonifying, stimulating and cleansing … here is our selection of essential oils for welcoming the beautiful days ahead! Whether to invigorate or purify our environments or to energize our bodies, these essential oils are a great way to delight in the spring season.



Try this essential oil anti-cellulite recipe

Jun 08 2017

We have a simple and efficient recipe to fight the appearance of cellulite and dimples with essential oils :



Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

Jun 08 2017

Keep your home impeccably clean in a healthy and natural way with essential oils. Easily replace your usual household cleaners with homemade, healthy, and natural products. These eco-friendly basics are good for your home and your budget.



Aromatherapy 101: everything you need for an aromatherapy starter’s kit

Jun 08 2017

To help you get started and become familiar with aromatherapy, we recommend three essential oils that are easy to incorporate into your everyday life.



Precious floral water: an essential beauty treatment

Jun 08 2017

Floral water (hydrosol) can be misted on your face in the morning and evening before makeup as part of your skincare routine. Floral water can also be used as a facial tonic to refresh and invigorate your skin after cleansing.

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