Our mission is to “provide a scientifically proven and natural alternative to traditional health and wellbeing remedies by offering consumers an extensive line of premium quality organic essential oils and aromatic products.”

The motivation of the Divine Essence® team is to live and breathe our mission each and every day, well beyond the sale of products.


Quality and innovation at the service of health:

  • We choose high quality raw materials because we want to improve the science of aromatherapy by only using the finest active ingredients.
  • We innovate by offering an extensive line of natural health products (with a Natural Products Number or NPN) whose therapeutic benefits have been recognized and certified by Health Canada.
  • Divine Essence® combines the best of science and nature to offer effective therapeutic and cosmetic products with added benefits.

Respect for the environment:

  • We meet the requirements of the Ecocert certification body, a symbol of commitment and compliance that protects consumers and the environment.
  • We offer a natural alternative to traditional health remedies for those who seek wholesome, chemical-free products that work naturally.
  • We do business with growers who respect and work with the cycles of nature.
  • Our raw materials are acquired in accordance with eco-friendly, sustainable development principles.

Social commitment:

  • We take concrete steps to support sustainable business practices locally and abroad and foster close relationships with growers from all over the world.
  • We favour local growers to optimize product quality.
  • Integrity, safety and the wellbeing of everyone on the Divine Essence® team is integral to our values and to ensuring that you get the best products and service at all times.

Our vision for your overall wellbeing!

Divine Essence®‘s diligent efforts and know-how are laser-focused on bringing you innovative remedies. Our vision is to provide you with an all-natural family pharmacy where you can find safe, eco-conscious products to ease your aches and pains and improve your health.

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